Corporate, Foundation & Government Funding

The Office of Corporate, Foundation & Government Relations (CFGR) seeks funding from corporations, local and national foundations and government agencies in support of the needs of the College and its faculty.

CFGR unites faculty and administrative interests in raising funds for equipment, facilities, research, scholarships, endowments or programs, as prioritized in the College’s strategic plan, with resources available through foundations, corporations and other granting organizations. All local, state and federal government competitive grants and appropriation requests are also championed by this Office. Our partnerships with legislative officials provides a conduit for assisting in additional regulatory matters of concern to the institution. This includes securing Commonwealth of Pennsylvania building permits and, Department of Environment Protection clearances.

All proposals for grants that will be administered by Muhlenberg College (where funds are to be paid to and disbursed by the College) must be reviewed and approved by this Office before they are submitted to the funding agency. This policy, endorsed by the President and Provost, identifies the CFGR office as an application clearinghouse, thereby safeguarding the College from multiple applications being submitted to one funding source in the same application cycle. The CFGR office establishes contacts at the funding agencies, attends or accompanies the President on solicitation visits, facilitates the timing of proposal submission and assists in tracking responses to requests for support. We work closely with the College’s Treasurer’s Office on grant audits.

Our office can assist you with your grant application. Please contact Bill McGlinn at or 484-664-3673 to set up an introductory meeting to begin the grant process.

  • External Grants and assistance with researching funding sources can be facilitated through the Office of Foundation, Corporate & Government Relations (CFGR). All external grant submissions are required to be made through this office with the approval of the Provost.

  • Internal Grants are available through the Office of the Provost for faculty summer grants and other faculty development grants. Details, applications and the Faculty Handbook are available under the Provosts Office listing on the College website.

  • Online database search systems are licensed to the Office of Foundation, Corporate & Government Relations (CFGR). Please contact Bill McGlinn to begin a query.

  • Copies of successful proposals can be read in the CFGR office.


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InForMMS: Investigating Forensics Mysteries through the Mathematical Sciences

Gene Fiorini and Gail Marsella received a grant from the Mathematical Association of America’s Tensor-SUMMA Program.

Career Services technology and facilities capital grant by the George I. Alden Trust

A team consisting of Tom Dowd, Allan Chen, Bill McGlinn, Dave Rabold and Laura Taub received a grant from the George I. Alden Trust.

Stabler Foundation Support
Muhlenberg College received scholarship support from The Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation.
Curtis on Tour

Paul Murphy received a grant from the Amaranth Foundation.

Neighborhood Improvement Zone (NIZ) Public Health Radon Study and Intervention Program
Chrys Cronin received a grant from The Harry C. Trexler Trust Foundation.
Cardinals to Caddisflies: Environmental Opportunities for Urban High School Students
Erika Iyengar received a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR).
Have shifts in flowering phenology left bumblebees with inadequate forage?
Jordanna Sprayberry received a grant from the University of Wyoming.
LVAIC Interfaith Summit

Callista Isabelle received a grant from the Interfaith Youth Core.

“Choreographers on Campus” Project
Karen Dearborn is part of an LVAIC Project Team on a grant for a “Choreographers on Campus” project through Lafayette College funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
Tides Foundation
Clif Kussmaul received a grant from the Tides Foundation supported by Google.
2015 Production of Kurt Weill’s, Street Scene
Charlie Richter and Scott Snyder received grant support for the 2015 Production of Kurt Weill’s, Street Scene.
Non-profit Community Internships
Alana Albus, Laura Garland, Beth Halpern and Eveily Freeman received grants from Air Products and Trexler Trust.
Understanding Stem Cell Development
Dr. Bruce Wightman, Professor of Biology, received a National Institutes of Health Academic Research Enhancement Award.
The Jewish Needle Trade Owners’ Oral History Initiative
Gail Eisenberg and Susan Clemen received individual family gifts to support The Jewish Needle Trade Owners’ Oral History Initiative.
Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) Consortium on Digital Resources
Lora Taub, Tina Hertel and Susan Falciani received support from the Council of Independent Colleges for participation in the CIC Consortium on Digital Resources for Teaching and Research.
Undergraduate Physics Research
Brett Fadem received a grant from the National Science Foundation for Physics Research.
Girls Experiencing Muhlenberg Science (GEMS)
Marsha Baar received a grant from the Mathematical Association of America for the GEMS summer camp.
Muhlenberg College Golf Classic
Corey Goff, Megan Patruno, Suzy Harris and Bonnie Belknap received multiple sponsorship's to support the Golf Classic.
Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics (CURM)
Wil Gryc and Byungchul Cha received a Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics Grant.

Scholars in Math and Science (SIMS) Program
Erika V. Iyengar, Paul Meier and Mary Byrne received a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Martin Guitar Charitable Foundation
Roland Kushner received a grant from the Martin Guitar Charitable Foundation.
Latino Americans: 500 Years of History!
Kelly Cannon received a grant from the American Library Association (ALA).