Shadow Program

Become a Shadow Host

The Muhlenberg Shadow Program is a chance for students to experience “a day in the life” in a career field that interests them. This is an opportunity for students to explore different career paths over winter break to find the best fit. We need your help in ensuring we can offer a diverse array of careers for our students to experience.

Recruitment of Shadow Hosts runs from July-September. If interested in volunteering for next year, please contact Emma Hamm ’15 at

Suggestions for Shadow Visits

Purpose of the Shadow Program:

The purpose of the shadow program is to give students a "day in the life" experience in a career field of interest to the student. This day can be arranged however the host and student decide based on company policy. This day is observational in nature, but students can be asked to participate in projects, if applicable.

Ideas for the visit:

• Suggest a phone call to discuss ‘general info’ first (i.e. general career field info, discuss student goals)

• Discuss your job and career path or professional school experience

• Introduce the student to your colleagues

• Arrange for the student to spend some time with your colleagues to gain a broader perspective of your field

• Try to schedule meetings on the day of the visit so the student can sit in

• Allow the student to accompany you in your daily activities: client calls, court trials, graduate school classes, etc., if possible.
(students can be asked to sign a confidentiality statement)

• Tour your facility

• Arrange lunch with co-workers.  (We have suggested students bring money and plan to pay for their own lunch.  If you would like to treat the student to lunch, please let her/him know.)

At what level of career awareness is the student?

There are generally three types of students who participate in the Shadow Program.

1. Students who are undecided about their career goals and are participating as a means of exploring. They applied for your opportunity because it sounded interesting to them.
       What is this student looking for in this experience? They are looking for basic knowledge about your career industry

2. Students who are clarifying several options that they have identified. They have some knowledge about your field.
      • What is this student looking for in this experience?  They are looking to you for a clearer sense of the “career realities” so they can make a decision.

3. Students who have decided they want to enter your field.  
      • What is this student looking for in this experience? They hope to deepen their knowledge and learn about how people enter and advance in your field.