Mentoring Program

Become an important part of the Muhlenberg experience. 

Our mentoring program seeks to connect willing alumni, parents, and friends of the College to share their advice, guidance, and time with our students.

While there are many options to engage with and support Muhlenberg students, the mentoring program is a more structured semester long relationship with a minimum of two communications per month. This program is student driven. Make yourself available as a mentor that students can choose.

How do I register to be a mentor?

Step 1: Sign up for The Muhlenberg Network

1. Go to
2. When registering, check "trained mentor" when prompted.
3. Fill out your profile as much as possible. Check out these tips for using The Muhlenberg Network.

Step 2: Take our mentor training

Muhlenberg wants to equip mentors with the proper tools to support their students, so we require a mentor training. Once you have completed Step 1 and are registered on The Muhlenberg Network as a mentor, you will receive an email with instructions to take our online mentor training. The training is approximately 40 minutes in length.

Step 3: Get contacted by a student

Once you have signed up for The Muhlenberg Network and competed your mentor training, you will be then be available as a mentor to Muhlenberg students. The Career Center will be training students on how to use The Muhlenberg Network to find mentors. 

Learn how the mentor/mentee connection happens.

Additional Resources

As mentors, we want to prepare you with all of the information and resources you'll need to establish and cultivate a meaningful relationship with your mentee. Resources you might find useful:

How to use The Muhlenberg Network
Campus Resources
Career Events for Your Mentee


Contact Pat Fligge ’10, Director of Alumni & Parent Engagement at or 484-664-3170