Alumni Author Reception 2017

Alumni Author Reception 2017
Calling All Alumni Authors!
Trexler Library will host an Alumni Author Reception during Alumni Weekend. We are also calling on alumni authors to donate to the Alumni Works Collection in the Muhlenberg Room. Please fill out the following information if you are interested in participating in either the reception or donating your work. Authors are welcome to sell their books at the reception; managing the sale of books will be left to individual authors.

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Would you be willing to provide a high-definition image of yourself and your book jacket so the library can make posters for the reception (can be attached via email)?

Please send a brief synopsis of this book explaining its genre, target audience, what it is about, and any received awards or recognition. You may also attach the high-resolution author and book jacket images. Please email supporting images to (this link and instructions will also be included in your form confirmation email).

Alumni Author Events
I would like to attend the Alumni Author Reception during Alumni Weekend:

Please note that indicating your interest in attending the Alumni Authors Reception does not automatically register you for Alumni Weekend.  Alumni Weekend registration begins in June.

Visit for more information about Alumni Weekend.