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Donor Spotlight:
Patrick Fligge '10

When Patrick Fligge ’10 looks back on his four years as a student at Muhlenberg, he is amazed at the transformation that took place.  His education gave him the voice he has today, and he built relationships with faculty and peers that will last a lifetime.

After graduation, Patrick spent time working in politics, but it was ultimately an opening in the Office of Alumni Relations that brought him back home to Muhlenberg.  He is now the Associate Director of Alumni/Student Connections, where he focuses on fostering professional relationships between ’Berg students and alumni. 

Patrick is not only a Muhlenberg alumnus and an employee, but he is also a donor and a member of the Circle of 1848.  He joined the Circle shortly after he began working at the College because he saw it as a way to leave his legacy at the school he loves so much.  Patrick is one of the younger members of the Circle, but he believes this is a great way for recent graduates to support Muhlenberg.  He listed Muhlenberg as the beneficiary on his IRA, and encourages other young professionals to do the same.  Patrick says, “It’s so easy to do and it’s a way to really make an impact.”  

He says that he would not have had access to such an incredible educational experience without the generosity of donors.  Those that gave before him inspired him to want to support future Muhlenberg students by making the College part of his estate plans.  Patrick is proud to be a member of the Circle of 1848, and he encourages other young alumni to join him and demonstrate their lifelong commitment to Muhlenberg.

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