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The Dunhams Farewell Tour

On Wednesday evening, November 13, braving the chilly winds of Manhattan, Drs. Penny and Bill Dunham of the mathematics department joined a group of their former students at Angus Cafe to reminisce about times in and out of the classroom at Muhlenberg. This was followed three weeks later with a gathering in Philadelphia on Wednesday, December 4 at Tir Na Nog Restaurant.

Penny and Bill have taught at Muhlenberg for more than two decades. As the Truman Koehler Professor of Mathematics, Bill has taught many courses, most famously his math history courses. Penny’s career has been spent also teaching numerous courses within the discipline, with special focus on teacher education, preparing Muhlenberg students to spread their love of math to young, inquiring minds.

Penny and Bill entertained both groups with stories of favorite students, exciting times spent abroad and lessons from a long and distinguished Muhlenberg career. Both will be departing Muhlenberg soon. At the end of this academic year, Penny is looking forward to her retirement, and being able to spend more time volunteering and vacationing in the fall. Bill will be leaving Muhlenberg at the conclusion of this semester, but will be a visiting professor at Princeton University in the spring, and then the University of Pennsylvania in the fall of 2014. He looks forward to continuing as an itinerant math historian into the foreseeable future.

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