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Muhlenberg Love Stories

For Valentine’s Day we gathered a few stories of love sparked on the Muhlenberg campus. Do you have a Muhlenberg love story? We’d love to hear it — click here to share!

Elsbeth (Radzio) Rhody ’63 and Barry Rhody ’64

Elsbeth and Barry first met in the fall of 1961 in a math analysis class, but Barry remembers noticing her around campus long before then. Barry had two qualities he was looking for and Elsbeth seemed to fulfill both. He recounted, “she pointed her toes straight ahead and spoke two languages”. Barry was in love by the end of his sophomore year. The couple loved spending time together on campus as students, but, Barry explains, “the real highlight was when Elsbeth was on the faculty and [they] had the privilege of getting to know many of [their] professors as peers.”

The Rhodys visit campus often and remain very connected to the College. The two recently attended a THAW (Toast Heard Around the World) event in Durham, N.C. and spent the night reminiscing about their days at ’Berg. They have two children and five grandchildren. Elsbeth celebrated her 50th reunion this past fall and Barry will be celebrating his 50th reunion on campus this coming September. Elsbeth exclaimed, “’Berg has so much to offer. What’s not to love, right?” We have to agree with Elsbeth!

Betsy (Caplan) MacCarthy ’74 and John MacCarthy

Betsy and John first met as new staff members on Muhlenberg’s campus in September 1981. On the first day of classes the two met briefly at the new faculty and staff breakfast earlier that day, and John asked Betsy out on a date in front of her whole office. Betsy agreed to go out, but remembers going “into her private office to die of embarrassment” afterwards. John and Betsy’s relationship grew on the ’Berg campus. Their favorite memories together are enjoying the annual Christmas Candlelight Service and seeing many shows in the Baker Center for the Arts. Betsy recalls “we had only been dating a few weeks when I told John that if he asked me to marry him right then, I would say yes...I have never done anything like that any other time in my life.”  In 1983, John and Betsy got married with the support of their Muhlenberg friends, with many in attendance. They both have an undying loyalty to the College. John and Betsy “believe in giving to Muhlenberg both on an annual basis and in an annuity” and enjoy coming back to campus from time to time. Even though John is not an alumnus of the College, it is on Muhlenberg’s campus that their relationship began and flourished.

Amy (Eckenthal) Ruffini ’80, P’14 and Robert Ruffini ’80, P’14

Amy and Robert first met Junior year in Geology class, a subject which they naively assumed would be easy. The couple had their first date watching Superman at a movie theater in downtown Allentown. Amy recalls a lot of time spent organizing Robert’s messy dorm room in East Hall and making countless trips to Phi Kappa Tau in her later years at Muhlenberg. Robert’s roommate, Peter Wallburg ’80 coincidentally started dating one of Amy’s best friends Lisa Ganzhorn ’81. The four have made many memories and still see each other to catch up every now and then.

After graduating Muhlenberg, Amy and Robert reconnected during Robert’s years at medical school in Philadelphia. In 1983, they got married with the support of their Muhlenberg friends and family, including Peter and Lisa. Amy and Robert enjoy visiting Muhlenberg during alumni weekends and have two daughters, Nicole and current senior Danielle. Together they enjoy reminiscing about two generations at Muhlenberg.

Samantha (Crist) Korotkin ’09 and Neil Korotkin ’08

Though neither of them were members of the wrestling team they can thank the team for bringing them together. In the spring of 2006, Samantha’s friends brought her to a gathering at “the wrestling house” where Neil was often found. They met that night and then spent significant time hanging out as friends. They were just friends until, as Samantha says, “somewhere between the movie nights, dates in the Garden Room and walks to Ringer’s, we fell in love.” They keep in touch with several other Muhlenberg couples and many alumni friends and family were present at their wedding this past summer. The couple is now expecting their first child, and one day they may share their stories of the College. Perhaps they will retell their favorite Muhlenberg memory from Halloween 2006. Samantha remembers that Halloween, “Neil dressed as a woman, [and I] dressed as a lumberjack. It's where true love began to blossom.” The Korotkins are proud to say that their future began at Muhlenberg, despite their costume choices.

Samantha Unger ’10 and Andrew Horrow ’10

Samantha and Andrew are a young alumni couple looking forward to getting married this summer. Their friendship began before Muhlenberg, through mutual high school friends. Leading up to their first year at ’Berg, the two connected via MySpace to talk about dorm rooms, classes and other first-year questions. They finally met in person at the Move-In Barbecue. Though Andrew greeted her as “Hey you” he eventually remembered her name and they became fast friends. Their favorite Muhlenberg memory actually happened a couple years after graduation. While back on campus for Homecoming, a series of events and a friend in the Alumni Office somehow landed Andrew in the Mule costume substituting as mascot for the football game. Samantha remembers, “I must have told 100 people that my boyfriend was the mule. Proudly, as any alumna would, but it was as if that gave us some sort of celebrity status for the day.” The couple is looking forward to being surrounded by classmates at their wedding this coming August. They are thankful to Muhlenberg for bringing them together and for creating “the fantastic support system” that they have today.

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