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BREAKING NEWS: The Class of 2014 Sets a New Giving Record

by Hannah Oros '14

UPDATE:  The Class of 2014 has reached 60% participation, with 322 seniors making a gift to Muhlenberg!  This breaks the record for senior participation set by the Class of 2013, who achieved 58% participation!

The Class of 2014 has reached 56% participation in the Senior Class Connections Campaign (SCCC), which is all about making sure the senior class stays connected to Muhlenberg and involving them in securing opportunities for future students here at Muhlenberg. To date, 301 seniors have made a gift to their alma mater as part of the campaign.

The SCCC Committee challenged the Class of 2014 to “Rob the Riches” at the Senior Chill event in January. For every senior who makes a gift, Chairman Rich Crist ’77, P’05, P'09 will make an additional gift of $20.14. Now that at least 30% of the Class of 2014 has made a gift, Rich Brueckner ’71, P’04, P’10, the former Chairman of the Board, will give $3,000. For every percentage point above this mark, he will give another $100. If the Class of 2014 reaches 60% (which would break the Class of 2013’s record), Rich Crist will match Rich Brueckner’s challenging gift of $10,000 – totaling to $20,000.

Seniors are in a unique position to give back to Muhlenberg: about to launch into the “real world” outside, but also very aware of how necessary Muhlenberg was to their intellectual and personal development over the last four years. Every gift counts and no matter how small, it strengthens the Muhlenberg family. Current senior Marisa Levy ’14 was excited to give back: “Muhlenberg was a great experience for me so I wanted to help make it a great experience for future students!”

The Muhlenberg experience is invaluable, but for students who want to come to Muhlenberg, finances can determine whether or not they are able to attend. Giving back to Muhlenberg allows talented students to attend Muhlenberg, regardless of their financial situation. Gabby Aboodi ’14 is a senior who is a member of in the Senior Class Connections Campaign: “I gave to the Muhlenberg Fund because Muhlenberg has given so much to me. I have received a great education and I’ve made amazing friends that I can always count on. I wanted to support the Muhlenberg Fund because I want to give back to the place that has given me so much! I would tell seniors who haven’t given that any gift counts!”

“By giving to The Muhlenberg Fund we are giving other students the chance to get the great experience we have had. Without the “silent scholarship,” (provided through philanthropic support of Muhlenberg) there are students who may not be able to come and get the education and chances that we have had. Any amount you can give is helping someone come and have the Muhlenberg experience.” The silent scholarship is the 15% of what it costs the College to educate students that is not covered by tuition dollars and is solely provided through gifts from alumni, parents and friends.

Students can designate their gift to a number of categories such as The Muhlenberg Fund, Financial Aid, Cardinal and Grey, or anywhere they choose. These gifts can be made to recognize someone special in memory or in honor of someone, such as a professor, parent or staff member.

It’s on the Class of 2014 to rise up to this challenge and show our dedication to Muhlenberg. Seniors, visit for details and to make your gift.