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Alumni Trust Fund Names Lounge in East Hall

Alumni Trust Fund Names Lounge in East Hall

By: Jessica Baar

 “We wanted to go for something that was student-oriented, a place where they could meet, relax and study. We were definitely focused on a shared space for students.” As renovations for East Hall come to a close, Vice President of the Alumni Board, Greg Adams ’05, talks about the Alumni Trust Fund’s decision to make a gift to name one of its striking new two-story lounges.

The College has over 20,000 alumni and 28 serve on the Alumni Board. The Board has a vast amount of responsibilities and the Alumni Trust Fund is one of the parts they oversee. The money in the Fund has been given by alumni over the last 40 years. Greg explained that the members of the Alumni Board typically look at what the College is doing and are always searching for opportunities to give to new buildings or renovations whenever they can. “We typically give $15,000 per year toward the capital expenditure for the College from the Alumni Trust Fund.”

In East Hall, a new lounge could not be more welcome.  When asked how the board hoped the lounge would benefit Muhlenberg students, Greg replied, “We’re looking for another place to put some capital into the College and this is a great opportunity that would affect a great number of students. We want to provide a space for students to come together in East Hall for many, many years.”

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