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Current Travel Opportunities

Cruise the Face of Europe - September 22-October 7, 2017

Unpack once and enjoy 14 nights aboard the aboard the exclusively chartered MS Amadeus Silver. Enjoy stops in some of Europe’s most historic and beautiful cities, including Amsterdam, Netherlands; Nuremberg, Germany; Vienna, Austria; Bratislava, Slovakia and Budapest, Hungary. Cruise through the Wachau and Middle Rhine valleys, which are UNESCO World Heritage sites. Other UNESCO sites featured on this program include the Würzburg Residenz, Bamberg and the Old Town of Regensburg in Germany and Melk Abbey and the Historic Center of Vienna in Austria.

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Cuba: People, Culture, Art - December 9-17, 2018

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Previous Travel

Provence - October 18-26, 2016

Alumni and friends joined us for this magical trip and met up with two Muhlenberg professors, Drs. Paul and Eileen McEwan, for an insider's perspective. Provence is where sundrenched beaches and undulating hills tie the Mediterranean to the Alps. Its very name conjures images of idyllic days with dazzling light illuminating the verdant countryside’s sloping vineyards and lush olive groves. The colorful scenery of the region enraptured Cézanne, Chagall and van Gogh. Writers have flocked here and extolled it as the Great Land of Inspiration for all that is French and fabulous.

Photo: Alumni meet up with Drs. Paul and Eileen McEwan and Muhlenberg students studying abroad. Credit: Grace McEwan.

Alaska Cruise - June 19-26, 2016

Cruise from Vancouver to Anchorage on an epic journey that allows ample time to explore the rich wonders of Alaska and the northern coastline of the Pacific Ocean. Glacial lands, majestic mountains, goldmining towns, Inuit and Yupik culture and a frontier-like atmosphere — this is a vast expanse of incredible natural beauty and culture. Best of all, travelers will experience Glacier Bay and Hubbard Glacier. The seas in the region are teeming with marine life, including sea lions, sea otters, harbor seals, walrus, salmon and, of course, the magnificent North Pacific right whale. Here, experience peace among vast and beautiful lands and seas and come to understand an isolated tranquility that will inspire and invigorate the soul.

Amalfi, Italy - April 14-22, 2015

Amalfi Coast, ItalyAlumni and friends joined President Randy Helm on an exclusive educational and travel experience to the Amalfi Coast. The group travel a fabled, serpentine ribbon of road from destination to destination, taking in the breathtaking views that have inspired countless artists and have drawn royalty and celebrities for decades to "The Divine Coast."
Rome, Italy - October 3-10, 2012

Alumni and friends enjoyed six nights in Rome at the deluxe Hotel Victoria Roma. Their journey through Rome brought them to the ancient Monti Quarter, the extensive Vatican museums, the exclusive Borghese Galleria, the ancient port of Ostia, as well as so many more ancient treasures! Along the way our travelers sampled authentic regional dishes and specialities at local restaurants.

Turkey and Greece - September 26-October 4, 2011

A group of our adventurous alumni and friends joined President Randy Helm for a cruise aboard the exclusively chartered, deluxe M.S. L'Austral, from Istanbul to Athens.Thanks to Susan Pobjoy '73 for sharing her wonderful video of the voyage.
In the Footsteps of Luther - May 23-June 3, 2017

The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation

Five hundred years ago, a German monk turned Europe's Christian community upside down when he questioned the role of indulgences in the Roman Catholic Church. When Martin Luther revealed his 95 Theses on October 31, 1517, so began the Protestant Reformation. Even though popular belief is that Luther dramatically nailed his work to the door of the Schlosskirche in Wittenberg, historians say that the religious revolutionary spread his work with the help of a new revolutionary device, the printing press. Learn about Martin Luther's life, walk in his footsteps and discover his world on this exceptional educational program through his historic region of Germany. Your journey begins with three nights in the vibrant city of Berlin and concludes with two nights in the beautiful city of Prague.