Alumni Board

Alumni Board Mission Statement

The Muhlenberg College Alumni Association seeks to stimulate and nurture among alumni a spirit of pride, knowledge and lifetime commitment to the mission and welfare of Muhlenberg College.

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Who We Are

The Board consists of 24 general members and 4 executive board executive officers.

Sheryl Guss '81, P'10, P'13, President
Greg Adams '05, Vice President
Stephen Hart '76, Secretary
Michael Geller '04, Treasurer

Bruce Albright '74
Cliff Allen '69
Melissa Kubit Angelides '03
Jeff Berdahl '85, P'17
Bruce Bird '77
Edward "Ted" Bollard '79
Kent Brustlin '92
Lauren Carballo '07
Deborah Clay-Alston '98, P'14
Rudy Favocci '79, P'12
Elizabeth Fendt '00
Jason Finkelstein '06
Robert Friedman '84
Jenifer Martin Gilio '98
Sharon Peifer Gleichmann '89
Jen McKee Hall '02
Paul "Chip" Hurd '86
Michael Krouse '84
Anne Marie Licenziato-Fanelli '83
Carl Oplinger '58
Carol Papazian '79
Christopher Rogers '01
Todd Rothman '97
Carole Silvoy '91

Past Presidents

The Alumni Association has been blessed with many outstanding leaders who served as Alumni Association President. We thank them for their service and dedication to our alma mater.

Ted Argeson '51
Jean Dacy '74
Ed Davis '60
Lona Farr '62
Robert Foster '71
James Hemstreet '44
Donald Hoffman '32
Harry Lessig '67
Louis Lessig '93
Marilyn Marles '75
David Nowack '67
Frank Reisner '40
Bruce Romig '46
John Rosenberg '63
Walter Zieger '50

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