Standing Committees

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee has jurisdiction over by-laws and working resolutions, as well as strategic planning. Its members also serve as the liaisons to the Board of Trustees.

Stephen Hart '76, President
Greg Adams '05, Vice President
Carol Papazian '79, Secretary
Jeff Berdahl '85, Treasurer

Alumni Trust Fund Committee

Oversees the Alumni Trust Fund, reviews requests for funds, and reports on the Fund to the Alumni Board and the alumni association.

Chair: Jeff Berdahl '85
Greg Adams '05
Stephen Hart '76
Carol Papazian '79

Nominating and Governance Committee

Administers the self-application process, reviews membership applications, and compiles a slate of officers and general representatives. Conducts elections and notifies elected and non-elected applicants.

Chair: A. Benjamin Miles, III ’13
Vice Chair: Paul "Chip" Hurd '86
Peter Rustico '78

Alumni Achievement Awards Committee

Solicits nominations for Alumni Achievement Awards, selects award recipients and Future Alumni Leader award recipients. Assists in the planning and production of the Alumni Achievement Awards presentation event.

Chair: Cliff Allen '69
Vice Chair: Anna Marie (Licenziato) Fanelli '83
Rudy Favocci '79
Sharon (Brewer) Lowe '65
Jill Stetz-Lewis '89

Career Services Committee

Works with the College's Career Center, including Alumni Career Network, the Shadow Program, and career information services.

Chair: Edward "Ted" Bollard '79
Vice Chair: Mike Yellin '05
Deb Clay-Alston '98, P'14
Jen (McKee) Hall '02
Dana Iannnuzzi '03
Rebecca (Kleinhaus) Trajtenberg '03

Development Committee

Promotes development efforts on behalf of the Alumni Board and alumni association.

Chair: Bruce Bird '77
Vice Chair: Mikel Daniels '96
Bruce Albright '74
Brian Galgano '08
Dawn (Everett) Lezon '87
John Trainer '65

Alumni Engagement (Ad Hoc) Committee

Provide support to Advancement Office initiatives designed to foster alumni involvement in on- and off-campus activities..

Chair: Elizabeth (Ryan) Fendt '00
Vice Chair: Jason Finkelstein '06
Lauren C. Anderson '79
Shannon Gary '97