Alumni Awards

2017 Alumni Award nominations are due by February 10, 2017. Please review the awards and requirements below and then click here to submit a nomination.

Alumni Awards

Since 1952, the Muhlenberg College Alumni Association has annually honored individuals whose activities in life are a significant benefit to the College and the Alumni Association. There are two categories of awards, Alumni Achievement and Alumni Recognition.


Alumni Achievement Awards are the highest awards given by the Muhlenberg College Alumni Association. They have been established for distinguished and exceptional achievement in each of the following categories:

Alumni Service to the College
This award is given for distinguished and exceptional service to Muhlenberg College by an alumnus/a.

Alumni Lifetime Achievement
This award is given to an alumnus/a for distinguished and exceptional attainments in life which reflect substantial credit on Muhlenberg College as the recipient’s alma mater.

Alumni Achievement in a specific field
This award is given to an alumnus/a for a distinguished and exceptional attainment in a specific field which reflects substantial credit on Muhlenberg College as the recipient’s alma mater.

Depending on the recipient’s area of achievement the words ‘a specific field’ in the award title will be replaced by the name of the field; e.g., “Alumni Achievement in Medicine,” "Alumni Achievement in Business," "Alumni Achievement in Arts."

Alumni Leadership
This award is given for distinguished and exceptional service by an alumni volunteer in promoting the spirit of alumni involvement.

Service to the College by a Friend
This award is given for distinguished and exceptional service to Muhlenberg College by a non-alumnus/a of the College.


The Alumni Association has created the following awards to recognize outstanding accomplishments of individuals in the following categories.

Tricorn Award for Exceptional Service in the Past Year
This award is given to an alumnus/a, faculty member, administrator or constituent member of the Muhlenberg College family whose service to the College or to the Alumni Association on a specific project during the course of the past year has been exceptional.

Young Alumnus/a Recognition Award
This award is presented to an individual within 10 years of his/her graduation from Muhlenberg College, and recognizes the individual’s extraordinary potential. The person would be honored for outstanding service to the College and/or professional accomplishments as exhibited by exceptional performance in their career or further education.

Heritage Award
This award is given for distinguished and continuous interest in and support of Muhlenberg College by an alumnus/a who graduated at least 50 years ago.


A candidate will be considered for an award when a minimum of two letters of recommendation have been received, one from the nominator and at least one additional supporting letter. Letters should be sent to the Alumni Affairs Office, Muhlenberg College, 2400 Chew Street, Allentown, PA 18104.

Letters of support may be written by fellow alumni, family, friends, faculty, staff, students or co-workers. Letters should be as specific as possible when describing why the person is being nominated for an award and how he/she meets the award criteria. Supplemental documentation is also encouraged (i.e., curriculum vitae, newspaper articles, etc.), especially for nominees in the categories of Alumni Lifetime Achievement and Alumni Achievement in a specific field.


Award recipients are selected by the Alumni Achievement Awards Committee of the Muhlenberg College Alumni Board.
All awards, with the exception of the Future Alumni Leader awards, will be presented on the Muhlenberg College campus during Alumni Weekend. A maximum of eight awards will be presented. The committee may choose to give more than one award in any category and may also choose to skip a category in a given year.

Awards will not be presented in absentia. However, if circumstances require, the Heritage Award can be accepted by a family member or friend at the awards presentation. If logistics allow, the award will be delivered to the recipient by a college representative and an Awards Committee member at a later date.