Connect with Alumni Through a Club or Group

Alumni Board

Serve as a leader within the Muhlenberg College Alumni Association.

Regional Clubs

Across the country, Mules of all years are gathering to socialize, network and support their communities.
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Shared Interest Groups

Shared interest and affiliations are also a strong component of the Muhlenberg network. If you are a graduate of Theatre & Dance, or pursuing the performing arts, check out The Fishbowl Collective - our performing arts alumni group!

Join the Media and Communication Alumni Network! Visit MC2 Network for more info on Media and Communication Alumni Week.

Were you a member of the RJ Fellows? Make sure you check out the exclusive RJ Fellows Alumni Network. The RJ Fellows Honors Program strives to constantly evaluate how it can better equip students to become successful change makers in their communities. It emphasizes active learning and honors for life, as a fundamental part of what it means to be an "honors student."

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Young Alumni

Muhlenberg's young alumni are graduates of the last 10 years. Currently, members of the classes of 2003 to 2013 are considered young alumni. The Young Alumni Council is working to make your first decade after graduation great!