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The Fishbowl Collective 

Mission Statement
Founded by a group of Muhlenberg College graduates, The Fishbowl Collective is a network of New York City-based performance artists and entertainment industry professionals whose mission is to create, connect, and build a safe and positive environment in which members can share their visions and take artistic risks. Our goal is to:
a) Create new opportunities for development through the resourceful connections of Muhlenberg alumni in order to manifest meaningful, valuable, and profitable work in the arts;
b) Bridge the connection between New York City alumni and current Muhlenberg students thereby offering a practical resource for students transitioning into their professional lives;
c) Compile our collective talents to connect with one another and other industry professionals who want to develop and support our work;
d) Offer a platform for members to showcase and promote current and upcoming projects; and
e) Make the consciousness, clarity, and vision gained at Muhlenberg a more profound part of our future work.

Executive Board
Executive Director - Courtney Romano Hanson
Managing Director - Becca Schneider
Production Consultant - George Psomas
MediaTech Consultant - Dan Cary

If you would like to be added to the Fishbowl Collective Directory contact Becca here.

Find The Fishbowl Collective on Facebook and Twitter for the most recent news and events.


Inside the Fishbowl Studio - Hosted by Dana Iannuzzi '03, various performing arts professionals are interviewed and introduced to current students.

InstaConcerts - The Fishbowl Collective regularly produces an Instaconcert: a night of rough, raw, first drafts of work. Evening include music, dance, sketches and playwrighting. Director: Benjy Shaw, Curator: Courtney Romano Professional

Development Workshops – TFC members provide regular workshop to hone artistic skills, develop creative visions and even think about your Five Year Plan. See the Facebook page for upcoming topics.

The Understudy - The Fishbowl Collective presented The Understudy, a play by Theresa Rebeck, last spring at The Secret Theatre in Long Island City, Queens.

My Hero - A Fishbowl Collective Production featuring music of Indie rock band Almost Six Six. Quarter Life Crisis - A web series from four Fishbowl Collective members.  Making art? Tell us about your projects!