Gifts to Endowment


You've heard that Muhlenberg’s endowment is lower than peer institutions – much lower in most cases. ‘Why is this important?’ you may wonder. Think of Muhlenberg’s endowment like a 401k account. The endowment is money Muhlenberg invests for a specific purpose: not retirement in our case, but rather to support our mission. Each year, we spend a percentage of the interest, investing the rest as a nest egg that will grow in perpetuity. Like a 401k, it’s our security for the future.


Muhlenberg is mission-driven. We educate students to be critical thinkers, equipping them with ethical and civic values and preparing them for lives of leadership and service. That mission is expensive. It takes scholarships and financial aid to support promising students, faculty chairs to attract gifted teacher-scholars and funds to provide students with opportunities to do research. Your gift to the endowment now will go a long way in ensuring Muhlenberg keeps delivering on this mission for students today and for years to come.


Endowing a scholarship, a fund for student summer research or a faculty chair are meaningful ways to commemorate your family or someone close to you. For example:

Scholarships: You can establish an endowed scholarship to help Muhlenberg students in perpetuity. In Fund Year 2012-2013, 219 students benefited from named, endowed scholarships. The minimum endowed scholarship gift is $25,000, which would yield a modest $1,000 annual scholarship. The larger the endowment, the more generous the annual scholarship.

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Summer Research:
Whether conducted with a faculty mentor or pursued as an independent project, summer research is an invaluable opportunity for students to delve into a topic of interest to them. In the past, such projects have led students to competitive graduate schools or promising careers. An endowment gift of $50,000 would provide one stipend for student research per year in perpetuity.

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Faculty Chairs:
Endowed chairs and professorships give Muhlenberg a powerful tool to recruit top faculty in a very competitive market. These positions are prized because they offer faculty recognition along with dependable income to advance research. The College currently has five endowed chairs and would like to add more to benefit more academic departments. To date, the donor-endowed chairs are:

  • The Sarkis Acopian Professor of Ornithology and Conservation Biology
  • The Truman L. Koehler '24 Endowed Chair of Mathematics
  • The William D. ’49 and Virginia Miers D. Chair in Entrepreneurial Studies and Business
  • The Rita and Joseph Scheller Endowed Chair for the RJ Fellows Program
  • The Stanley Road Professor of Neuroscience

Endowment Fact Sheet

Endowment Spending Policy

Muhlenberg College follows a strict spending policy determined by the Finance and Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees.