Corporate, Foundation & Government Gifts


William McGlinn, Director of Corporate, Foundation and Government Relations at 484-664-3673 or

The Office of Corporate, Foundation and Government Relations (CFGR) unites faculty and administrative interests in raising funds for equipment, facilities, research, scholarships, endowments or programs, as prioritized in the College’s strategic plan, with resources available through foundations, corporations and other granting organizations. All local, Commonwealth and federal government competitive grants and appropriations requests are also championed by this Office. Our close working relationship with legislative offices provides a natural fit for assisting in other regulatory matters of concern to the institution as they arise, such as securing Commonwealth building permits, Department of Environment Protection clearances, etc.

All proposals for grants that will be administered by Muhlenberg College (where funds are to be paid to and disbursed by the College) must be reviewed and approved by this Office before they are submitted to the funding agency. This policy, endorsed by the President and Provost, identifies the CFGR office as an application clearinghouse, thereby safeguarding the College from multiple applications being submitted to one funding source in the same application cycle. The CFGR office establishes contacts at the funding agencies, attends or accompanies the President on solicitation visits, facilitates the timing of proposal submission and assists in tracking responses to requests for support.  We work closely with the College’s Treasurer’s Office on grant audits.

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