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Contact: Holly Nonnemacher, Assistant Director of The Muhlenberg Fund, Phonathon, at 484-664-4069 or

Class of 2014: We've Hit 60% in the Rob the Riches Challenge!

Rob the Riches Challenge to the Class of 2014

Our final semester at Muhlenberg is upon us.  Now is a perfect time to think about what we’ve accomplished inside and outside of the classroom.  Please take a moment to reflect on the Muhlenberg faculty and staff who have been important to you and how you can recognize their contribution to your education these last several years.  Nothing would mean more to a professor or staff member than a gift to The Muhlenberg Fund in his or her honor or in honor of his or her academic department.

Need more convincing?  Chairman of the Board Rich Crist '77, P'05, P'09 and Past Chairman Rich Brueckner '71, P'04, P'10 will give up to $10,000 on behalf of our class!

  • For every member of the Senior Class who makes a gift, Chairman Crist will make an additional gift of $20.14.

  • Simultaneously, when the class reaches 30% participation, Past Chairman Brueckner will give $3,000 and then a total of $100 for each additional percentage point.

  • If the Class of 2014 reaches 60%, both will make the maximum gift of $10,000 on behalf of the class!

Make a gift now at or see a member of our committee (listed below) for details to help our class meet the Rob the Riches Challenge!

Thank you!

2014 SCCC Committee

Gabrielle Aboodi
Sarah Bennett
Matthew Bocchese
Hallie Boviard
Kate Burdick
Emily Goodman
Courtney Haines
Ross Handler

Emily Hirsch 
Maggie Hughes
Holly Hynson
Megan Lentz
Katie Mitton
Rebecca Romano
Mike Schramm
Ian Smith

Beat the Class of 2013!

The Class of 2013 broke a new record last year: 58% of the class made gifts to Muhlenberg!  Let's top that and achieve the highest participation rate ever recorded by a senior class!