Parent Giving

Thank you, Muhlenberg Parents!


Contact: Jill Anderson, Assistant Vice President, Annual Giving & Advancement Services, at 484-664-4327 or

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Why parents?

Muhlenberg, like its peer institutions, relies heavily on philanthropic leadership from its core supporters - alumni, parents and friends. Muhlenberg parents have a vested interest; they want their children to have access to the best resources and experiences, and to be challenged by the best of their student peers. 

Why give to The Muhlenberg Fund?

Every student receives some level of subsidy, regardless of financial aid or scholarship awards. Tuition at Muhlenberg, as at most colleges, has never reflected the true cost of educating students.  The Muhlenberg Fund is relied on each year to help close the 15% gap between what families pay and what it actually costs to educate their students. Muhlenberg’s conservative financial philosophy has allowed its tuition to stay well below that of many peer institutions. But another reason tuition hasn’t risen more is due to the generosity of parents supporting the College annually through The Muhlenberg Fund.

What is The Muhlenberg Fund?

The Muhlenberg Fund is the College’s annual fund. Giving to The Muhlenberg Fund provides the most immediate, positive impact as gifts are used in the areas of greatest need. With a direct and timely impact on operational resources including financial aid, technological upgrades and faculty development, the strength of The Muhlenberg Fund translates to the quality of students the College can attract and enroll and Muhlenberg’s overall competitiveness.

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